New book captures women steering large businesses


The book features stories of Ashni Biyani, Manasi Kirloskar, Priti Sureka, Nadia Chauhan, Tara Vachani, Meher Pudumjee, Lavanya Nalli, Devita Saraf, Divya Modi, Amruda Nair, Bhairavi Jani and Sonica Malhotra.

The challenges of inheriting an age-old business legacy are many. The authors illustrate journeys of these women who maneuver several challenges on a daily basis and fill large shoes.


One of the major questions the book seeks to answer is: “If you come into a position of power through a position of privilege, how do you make sure that you earn respect, more so if you are a woman?”


The book shows how these women have “not only kept the legacies alive but have also gone on to carve a niche for themselves as individuals beyond their famous last names”, as per the publisher.


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